Saturday, February 7, 2009

Elections for Board of Directors

Randi Berg
comments on the ballot for the Board of Directors election,

Hello fellow concerned member-owners. Thank you to those who turned out at the senior center in a wonderful display of support for our co-op and Liz! It was an interesting board meeting, largely civil, with the chance for multiple points of view to be expressed.

A point was raised in the question period about the appearance of the ballot this year. There are two significant changes that should be noted. For the first time ever, two of the candidates are designated as "board recommended". The Board states that there is no intention in this to show preferential board support for these two candidates, but the wording still bothers me. If it bothers you too then let the board and Troy Bond know!

Second, for the first time ever, the member's name and signature are required on the ballot. It would seem to me that some people might not vote or might have their choice influenced by the fact that whoever counts the votes will have a direct look at who votes for whom. Again, balloting in the past has always been done with no way of knowing how an individual has voted - so this is a significant change in procedure.

This is a particularly important board election, so please read the candidate statements carefully. We know that two wonderful candidates, Andy Johnson and Birgitta Meade, have come out in support of a member meeting. Ben Nauman of Iowa City/Minneapolis appears to have strong feelings of opposition to any efforts to reinstate Liz, whom he has described as being almost ready for retirement anyway. I ask you, how many 47-year-olds are able to contemplate retirement? Surely not those who are on co-op wages! I promised to keep this brief and am already dangerously near to breaking that promise. All I ask is this -- remember to vote, and consider your choices carefully. If you don't like the changes in voting procedure, let the board and GM know your feelings. Enjoy the warm weather and shop at the co-op!

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