Sunday, February 1, 2009

Welcome to "Our Oneota Coop"

Welcome to this forum for discussing one of our favorite local places, Oneota Community Coop. In the coming days you can look here to read some of the many letters members have sent to the board, as well as messages from board candidates Birgitta Meade and Andy Johnson.


  1. Just a quick note on the blog, I selected to follow the blog, but it is still showing 0 Followers. So, please don't think people aren't following this important blog even if it appears that we aren't. Thanks for taking the time to create this avenue of communication!

  2. I am in the frustrating position of observing from afar. We are visiting our daughter in CA, so were unable to be at the meeting last week. I am alarmed at the provision for having signed ballots. I have counted ballots for many board elections, usually at Meredith Joy's house, but one year recently with Brenda Burke at my house. If the board is concerned about people voting more than once, then ballots can be delivered to the appropriate place in an envelope with the name and signature on the outside. The ballot-counting committee can check the names off on a member list, then remove the ballot from the envelope and place it in a stack for counting. Three people could do this job together. This would be much like the procedure for voting early at the court house.