Saturday, February 7, 2009

Petition News

Birgitta Meade
provides an update on the petition effort
A few days after the petition started I took the role of compiling and verifying paper and email signatures. The petition, the first ever use by Oneota Co-op members of this bylaw provision, asks that the board call a general meeting of the membership to consider the reinstatement of Liz Rog. The bylaws require that 20% of the membership sign the petition. I have been in steady email contact with board president Steve Peterson, but he has not yet said exactly how many signatures are required. I am quite confident that there are enough signatures already. Tomorrow, Monday the 2nd, I will be meeting with Steve to merge the paper lists and the email requests sent directly to the board. I do not know if we will be able to discuss the scheduling, agenda, and organization of the meeting, but I certainly hope so.
I did not sign the petition until yesterday. My reason was that I was uncomfortable with the wording of it. I want a meeting to discuss the systemic problems with governance, management, and communication at our co-op. The layoff of Liz Rog is only one component of that. Now that I see that the board has eliminated private balloting, I feel that this petition, even with its flawed wording, is the only way for the membership to address policy issues quickly enough to stave off further economic damage to our co-op.

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